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Bible Journaling Nerves

May 17, 2017

Drawing. Stamping. Coloring. Writing. These are all things that I never did in my bible so when I started bible journaling it was difficult for me. I mean really difficult.

My first entry took me a loooong time. I picked up my colored pencil and touched it to the page but then I lifted it away, it must have taken me about eight tries before I got the courage to start writing. Not sure what was holding me back. Then I started thinking about it and I for me I realized that I think of the bible as something sacred and not as a place to write but that’s not true. It’s a book to be studied and to highlight important things (not that it’s not all important, but you know what I mean). It’s a book to help us with our everyday lives, it’s our handbook. So doing things to help remember all the important information is necessary and for me bible journaling is going to help me with that!

After my first stroke I realized this feels right and by the time I was done with my first entry I was hooked. I love bible journaling and can’t wait to see how my entries evolve. I am a total novice and require the use of other peoples ideas for inspiration. That’s ok, right?

What about you? Do you come up with your own ideas or are you like me and have saved almost every bible journaling pin? I would love to see what your first entry was, share a pic in the comments. Go to my Pinterest board and see where I get my inspiration.

My first entry I did completely free hand, below is a picture. I’m proud of it, considering I was terrified to write on the pages.




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