Where to Get High Quality Organic Produce

August 30, 2017
Disclaimer: This company is only in California so if you don’t live in California I am sorry. However, if you know someone that does live in California please share this post with them so they can benefit from getting great quality organic produce delivered to their home.

Sometimes finding good quality produce in my local grocery store is challenging. Also, buying organic produce that isn’t going to put me in serious debt can be difficult.

Since learning about EWG and reading about what fruits and vegetables are on the dirty dozen I have become more aware of what I am feeding my family. We strive to be as healthy as possible and nourish our bodies with good food. I do my best to not buy chemical laden good food.

I get so many flyers in my mail and usually I don’t even look at them, I just put them in a pile to recycle. Well, I saw a flyer for Farm Fresh to You and I read it and I saved it. I actually went to their website and learned about the company. About two weeks later I went back to their site and and signed up.

What is Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh delivers 100% certified organic produce to your home or office weekly.

Who is Farm Fresh to You

It is a second generation farming family. In 1976 the farm was started by a young couple utilizing 20 acres of land and it has taken off since then. The business Farm Fresh to You was started in 1992.

Why Choose Farm Fresh to You

I have been a customer for two years and absolutely love it. When we go to fairs and I see their booth I am proud to say that I am a customer. Here are some of the reasons why I think you need to give it a try:

  1. organic
  2. you pick what you want in your box. The items are already chosen for you based on the size box you signed up for but you can customize it by deleting items and adding items.It’s shopping online, who doesn’t like that?
  3. you can skip your delivery, no penalties
  4. there is no start up cost
  5. no delivery fee
  6. customer service is awesome. If you are missing an item or you get a piece of produce that is less than desirable they will refund you your money for that one item no questions asked. I have only had to do this a couple of times.
  7. it’s a chance to try new produce that you many not see in your store
  8. all produce is in season
  9. you know where your produce is coming from
  10. it’s the best produce I have ever had
  11. it’s picked, packaged, put in a box, and delivered to your door. It doesn’t travel by ocean, plane, or thousands of miles in a truck

These are just a few of the reasons why I think Farm Fresh to You is worth trying. I found a company that I am happy to support and I want to share it with you. They also do great things for the community.

How Does the Produce Look

Excellent!!! The carrots are the sweetest. The green beans are beautiful, no blemishes, the melons are sweet, and the peaches or my, they make me moan they are so good. All the produce tastes fresh and much better than what you get in the store. If you grow your own food you understand what I’m saying, there is nothing like home grown food.

So what are you waiting for sign up and be sure to the code ALLI4951 to get $15 off.

Click Here and Use code ALLI4951 to get $15 off your first box!

Do you get groceries delivered to you? How do you like it?

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