Chicken and Mushroom Stuffed Acorn Squash

By on October 17, 2017
chicken and mushroom stuffed acorn squash

There is nothing like Fall cooking. The sweet and savory spices, the casseroles, the soups, the assortments of squash fill the air and the tables with warmth and comfort. This chicken and mushroom stuffed acorn squash is the perfect fall recipe to warm your tummy. Acorn squash is green on the outside, orange on the […]

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Tomatillo Guacamole

By on July 17, 2017
tomatillo guacamole

Every get together at my home there is guacamole and it is always gone fast! For the 4th of July we had our family over and of course there were snacks and included was guacamole. Not the guacamole I usually make, this time it had tomatillos in it. It was a hit! Tomatillos or┬áMexican husk […]

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