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Why Dignity and Sanctity is Important for Your Home

May 18, 2017

Think back to when you were a child. What kind of atmosphere was in your home? Was it calm or chaotic, full of love or hate, a place you wanted to get back to everyday or run away from? Think about your current home. Is your home peaceful, happy, a place of refuge, comfortable or is it the opposite? Now, think about how you want your home to be. Are you happy with how things are or do you want to make a change?

The dignity and sanctity of your home is important and may be something that is not thought of often. Here is the definition of those words:

Dignity: the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed

Sanctity: the quality or state of being holy or sacred

So how can you make your home have dignity? There needs to be order, love, and honesty. The home is a place where your children come home to after school, your husband comes home to after work, and you come home to after work or a day of running errands. It is a place that needs to be safe and calm. It is the place you come to to get away from the outside world, to decompress and recharge so you are ready to go out tomorrow and tackle what the day brings. This is hard to accomplish if you don’t nurture your home and care about the state it is in.

Your home should be calm and a place to build relationships with the people that live there, to have meaningful conversations that show love and respect. This can be accomplished when you cultivate an atmosphere of dignity and sanctity.

How Do You Want Your House To Look

Do you want it to be comfortable? Bring things in your home that help with relaxation. Some examples would be a comfortable place to sit, add pillows, and have soft blankets to snuggle with.

Do you want it to be peaceful? Turn on calming music, organize, have a place for everything, keep voices low (stop the yelling, this is my struggle).

Do you want it to be loving? Continue to be selfless and be the example for your family to follow by always choosing love over irritation or gripping.

Do you want it to bring honor to God? Put him at the head of your household and pray on all decisions that need to be made and seek his guidance everyday.

As the woman of the house your role is to set the mood, the vibe, the atmosphere. Your home is a fun place to be, full of love and interaction when you are happy. But, when you are mad, sad, or upset the home can be a somber place not filled with peace and comfort but with angst and disconnection.  You are the keeper of the home and the responsibility of the atmosphere falls on your strong shoulders (they are stronger than you may know). You need to decide what kind of home you want to have and what you will do to cultivate it. Pray over your home and God will help you create a place that is centered around him and a that is a peaceful haven.

Here is a worksheet, The Atmoshpere & Environment of your Home, that will help you determine the state of your home currently and what you can do to create a home that everyone wants to come home to and stay. Only choose one area to work on at a time. If you try to fix everything at once it could become overwhelming.

I was very lucky to live in a home that was calm and one that I never wanted to leave. I will be honest, my home today is not like the one I grew up in. My home is full of love and honest, connected relationships but it is not as peaceful as I would like. That is the area that I am working on. What area do you need to work on?

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