Simple Bat Centerpiece

September 25, 2017
bat craft
Make a cute bat craft centerpiece. Template included

This bat centerpiece is a quick and fun craft to make with the kids. The end result of the craft is not scary so it’s perfect to add to your halloween decor without scaring any young kids.  Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays because I don’t like the scariness of it. Yes, I am a scardy cat.

Since I have kids I do want to do some sort of halloween decorations that are fun and more on the cutesy side. This bat centerpiece fits the bill. This year I found a great find, this cute table runner. I got it at Target in the dollar bin section. The eyeballs glow in the dark!

I used twine to hang my bats but you can use fishing wire to make it look they are really flying. You can also add googly eyes. My sister did this and it does look cute. Have fun and Happy Halloween!


Materials Needed:

  • black paper
  • twine or fishing wire
  • sticks
  • jar
  • hole punch
  • bat template


Step 1: Trace the bats and cut them out

Step 2: Hole punch the bat and put your twine or fishing wire through the hole.

Step 3: Tie the twine or wire to the branches

Step 4: Place the sticks in a jar and arrange



bat craft




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